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20 07-2015
ZUBB Sessions
Description :

A short introduction: In January 2011 ZUBB – online zubbculture magazine was founded. The magazine focuses on music, films, theatre, lifestyle, opinion (columns) and art. Mostly on sub (ZUBB) culture: upcoming artists, performers, musicians and events. We are a nonprofit initiative founded by a group of friends with a goal to inform and entertain likeminded people.

For the online magazine we also make short music clips that carry the name ZUBB Sessions. We record artists by spontaneously placing them somewhere outside, on a street corner, square or whatever nearby location suits and recording the outcome in HD.

The ZUBB Sessions recorded so far are with artists/bands like: The Boxer Rebellion, Julia Stone, The Temper Trap, Dry The River, Morning Parade, Lindi Ortega, Emmy The Great and Admiral Freebee. Go to the website www.zubbsessions.com.

POLLYANNA – SING | ZUBB Session #54 from Motjekèke on Vimeo.

Recorded 17th March 2015 | Denim City, De Hallen | Amsterdam
Camera: Georgi Tsobekhia and Sebastiaan van Denzel
Edit: Sebastiaan van Denzel
Audio Recording: Charley van Laar
Post-Audio: Boy Bianchi
Support: Olivier Huisman and Minigigs
Production ZUBB Sessions
Recorded for ZUBB Magazine

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